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A major drawcard is our reputation for consistently exceptional coffee. Our hand-picked, extensively trained baristas make between 900 and 1200 cups per day, requiring almost 175 kilos of roasted coffee per week. Two giant Wega espresso machines are never silent, humming away throughout the day, satisfying the caffeine needs of Wellingtonians who know great coffee.

At the heart of this operation is a 1950’s, gas-fired, 5 kilo, Vittoria Coffee Roaster that allows us to tailor our blend to customer taste. Coffee is roasted in the early hours of the morning.

Currently the Astoria blend includes beans from Columbia, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Brazil.
It is a medium roast with a smooth sweet finish on the palate. Roasted Astoria beans are
available for purchase from the café at $40kg or $12 for 300g.